Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Sugarplum...at ForeverMore

Any of you read "Country Gardens" magazine? It's one of my favorites and I was so happy to see an article in the current issue (Summer 2011 p. 41) about my friends Anne & Garret Rowe from New Hampshire. Anne's shop, The Sugarplum, sells garden antiques and I have quite a few things she brought back from England, France and Germany. Anne has a great eye, plus we always have a nice conversation whenever our paths cross. I've shopped with her for several years now and never been disappointed.
Along with a devoted group of folks who love her garden stuff as much as I do, I made a bee line for The Sugarplum booth to get "first dibs" at a show out in Massachusetts last month . You, too, can have some early New England or European garden items -- wonderful watering cans, neat decorative iron pieces, cool galvanized buckets, zinc flower holders and more -- they will be part of the offering at ForeverMore's Summer Open House on June 24-26. Come see what I managed to grab before the crowds arrived and cleaned her out! (Sneak peek photos coming next week...)

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