Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Four years and counting...

What a great time last weekend at our 4th annual Summer Open House! So good to see everyone and hope you all enjoyed the sale as much as we did.

(It did get a tad cramped inside on Friday afternoon - sorry about that. We'll try to make things go smoother next time so everyone has a chance to see all three rooms in addition to everything outside and then don't have to wait in too long of a line. Something for us to figure out before the Harvest Open House this fall.)

It's always fun to hear the plans you all have for the items you find at our sales. You're an inspired group, that's for sure! Feel free to send us photos when you get all those projects finished or find the perfect spot for something you found at our sale. We'd love to see the results of all that creativity!

p.s. Lots of you asked about the show at Bishop Hill -- that's weekend after next up near Galesburg. Come visit us inside the Old Colony School House, have some of the Bakery's delicious food, enjoy the historic setting and seek out some more "finds"! Details at http://www.bishophillcolonybakery.com/id13.html

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