Monday, April 4, 2011

Barn Buster

Well, Brocton was...interesting. The first day's weather left a lot to be desired. Cold, cold, cold. And dustier than ever. Day two was warm and windy but still chilly inside the barn. That wind just kicked up the barn floor so we've got a bit of cleaning to do on the stuff we brought home. See how that light shines through? That's how the dust gets in too!

Plus near the very end of the show, the rear window of ForeverMore's trusty cargo van got shattered. The gal who was retreiving a cool chair she'd bought from out of the back of the van when it happened feels horrible about it, of course. A really nice vendor saw it happen - I was in the barn at the time - and he jumped in to help cover up the windown with plastic for the ride back to Georgetown -- Thanks Scott Sprague, you're awesome - I owe you one! So...between the weather, breathing in the dust and the busted window, it wasn't the most fun ever. But we have to take the good with the bad and the good last weekend was seeing so many familiar faces. Lots of pleasant chats made up for the unpleasantness...well, almost anyway!

Oh and here's the new owner's pic of the chair she got -- I see she's loving it despite the whole incident 'cause she she keeps blogging about it and posted this photo yesterday! up is our Spring Open House on April 15-17. Can't control the weather, but we know there won't be barn dust! (And I'm holding tight to the keys to the van from now on so no more of that kind of trouble either!)

Stay tuned for more details on the open house...even some sneak peek photos next week!

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  1. LOOKS LIKE YOU HAD SOME NICE STUFF, NOW IT'S NICE DUSTY STUFF! good thing the" really nice vendor that saw it" in legal talk isn't that a witness tee hee