Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's hoping you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day with friends and family. It's the quintessential all-American holiday and while everyone seems to rush right past it anymore, I hope you all find time to sit back and think about that first Thanksgiving. The early settlers were already demonstrating the spirit, strength and character that went on to make this country great. We should always be mindful of their struggles & their sacrifices.

After a peaceful day of giving thanks tomorrow, I know some of you will head out to the mall for so-called "Black Friday" (isn't that a terrible name for it??) For those of you who are skipping the middle-of-the-night madness, and even for those who venture out but have energy left over, feel free to stop in at ForeverMore this weekend. Our Christmas Open House is Saturday from 8-4 and Sunday from 11-3. We haven't made huge changes since the Holiday Gathering, but if you missed us then, you have a second chance to enjoy our vintage and primitive Christmas selection. Of course, you're welcome to come back even if you visited us a few weeks ago!! We'll have a little treat for you this time, too! These will be our final open days for 2010.

(And remember, those of you who need a little help with shopping can always pick up a gift certificate good for 2011!)

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