Sunday, October 10, 2010

Indian Summer!

Wow! What a great time at our Harvest Open House! Such a pleasure to see everyone -- old friends and new! Who would have thought it would be 90 degrees in mid-October?? But any open house at ForeverMore without rain is a good thing!
Even the neighborhood trees cooperated to give us some perfectly timed lovely fall color.

Tonight -- with this balmy weather and having just spent the last couple of days surrounded by pumpkins and straw bales and mums and gourds -- it's almost impossible to think "Christmas" but that's what's coming up next time we're open. That will be the first weekend of November during Georgetown's annual Holiday Gathering. Can't even imagine that being just around the corner but it will be here before you know it. We've been finding great old Christmas stuff all year long and for those red and green lovers -- you know who you are!! -- there will be plenty of that as well! We know you'll be shopping for gifts, too, and will have plenty of unique little items. But, like I said, can't "go there" mentally while we're still basking in Indian Summer. Maybe after the first hard frost...or on a rainy day (if it ever rains again around here!)...

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who attended the Open House! Come back and see us again!

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